Your House


In Houston, there are over a dozen electricity companies available, and you should always compare rates before you pick a provider.  There is a great website called Power To Choose that lets you compare rates and terms.  Watch out for minimum usage fees.

Cable and Internet

Bundled cable and internet plans can cost a ton of money – and if you watch mostly prime time tv you don’t need cable.  If you have a fast internet connection, try these options to cut cable from your bill:

  • Video game consoles: My PS3 has Hulu Plus capability, which means I can watch hundreds of shows and movies for about 8 bucks a month, and it has Netflix connectivity.  Get a wireless keyboard to replace the controller for easy searching and browsing.
  • Slingbox: Hook one up at a friend’s house (who has cable) and one at yours, and you have a direct link to their tv and cable services.  It’s also good for people who travel – Amazon Video, Hulu and other services are not available overseas.
  • Laptop: I have a laptop hooked up to my TV, and I use it to watch streaming video over the internet.

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