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Today’s Haul: $112 Savings

If I save any amount of money in a day, it’s a pretty good day.  But when I am able to save over $100 in one day, that’s what I would call a haul.


Thanks to Facebook, I got a free 1-year membership to  All I had to do was “like” their facebook page and I now have free 2-day shipping from a ton of stoes on the internet for an entire year.  I’ve thought about signing up with them before, but couldn’t really justify the purchase.  Now I don’t have to!

For those who don’t know, offers free 2-day shipping with NO minimum order to over 50 websites, like, Toys-r-us, Newegg, etc.  It’s like Amazon Prime but a ton of places instead on one.


A few moths ago, I signed up with Lot 18, a fine foods and wine e-tailer, and got a $20 credit using a promo code I found on Slickdeals. They are currently having a sale on 2007 Ruston Vineyards Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvingnon.  I picked up 2 bottles that retail for $45 and paid $11.86 after the Lot 18 sales price and my signup credit. Bottoms up!


My Amazing Saving Weekend

I wanted to let you guys know about two more medical discounts I found last weekend.  The first…

Contact Lenses

My doctor charges me $80 per 90 count box, so if I want 6 months of lenses it would usually be around $320.  This time I used Vision Direct, which is a super low-cost contact lens site.  I went through Ebates, which had 16% cash back at Vision Direct (it was a daily double). They have a new customer coupon for 25% off your total order.  My final cost after cash back was $193, which is an amazing 40% off retail price.  After I mail in my acuvue rebates, it will be nearly 50% off retail.  Take that, eye doctor.

Next, a new method for Prescription Medication savings.

For those of you who don’t know, I have a highly acidic esophagus, which requires a very expensive medication – like $47 per month after insurance.  It’s crazy.  Anyway, I was talking to my friend (whose dad is a pharmacist) to see what my other options were, and I pulled up the medication website on my phone.  These websites have coupons, people. I had no idea.  This one covers the out of pocket cost up to $55.  I just filled the prescription today and it cost me $0.  And according to the coupon, all of my refills will be free as well.  All because I checked out the drug manufacturer’s website.  I pulled up the websites for some of my other prescriptions and found 2 more coupons.

Now combine that with the prescription transfer methods I use on a regular basis and we are potentially making a profit of $60 and getting free medication. How fantastic is that?

So I saved $174 this weekend just by using the internet. That’s a pair of shoes!