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January 22nd – 31st: A Summary of Savings

My second summary! Here we go:

January 22nd and 23rd:

In a surprising twist, I did not save any money.  I also didn’t spend anything.

January 24th:

I took myself and a friend to Studio Movie Grill to see the heart wrenching Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (with sodas!) using vouchers I got for free with Groupon credit, a savings of $24.

Total for the day: $24

January 25th

I got lunch at Smashburger, where I used a $12 Groupon that I got for $1, saving me $11. I also saved $34.26 at Staples through rewards certificates and a coupon, which got me a fire proof safe for $0.79.

Total for the day: 11 + 34.26 = $45.26

January 26th

I used a Houston Tidbits voucher to get a very cool Japanese hair ceremony, cut and blow dry at Azur West, a swanky salon at the newly opened West Ave complex.  I paid $80 for the voucher and got the $175 service at a $95 discount.  Afterwards, I went to the much less swanky McDonalds, and saved $3.50 on a burger using a B1G1 coupon.

Total for the day: 95 + 3.50 = $98.50

January 27th

Kind of a blah day for savings.  I used a Groupon to Old Navy and saved $20.

Total for the day: $20

January 28th

Weekend in Austin!  I used points to get a hotel for me and my friends – a $179 savings (more if you count the free dinner I got out of it).  Because I am a Hilton Hold member, I got free breakfast for me and 2 friends, saving us $42.

Total for the day: 179 + 42 = $221

January 29th

I got another free night at the hotel ($179), and five free breakfasts for me and more friends ($70).

Total for the day: 179+70 = $249

January 30th

Today I got an email from Sephora advertising a Fabulips set – I shopped around online and saw that at it was 20% off ($9.00), with free 2 day shipping through ShopRunner ($5.99), 75 cents in Drugstore dollars and another 11% cash back ($3.87) by clicking through Chase Ultimate Rewards, for a total savings of $19.61. I also got a Houdini wine set from Groupon, which was free after credit, saving me $66.

Total for the day: $85.61

January 31st

At lunch, I met up with some coworkers at Smashburger, where I used a $12 Groupon that I got for $1, saving me $11 and getting me a free lunch.  I realized that I had $1.26 in dollars that were expiring, so I bought some makeup remover and used my free 2 day shipping through ShopRunner, which saved me $5.99. After work, I went to NTB and used a coupon I got from my office for a free oil change, tire rotation and alignment check, saving me $38.  I met some friends for dinner at Russo’s Pizzeria where I used a Groupon that I got for free with a coupon for $10 off my first Groupon Now!, which saved me $15 and got me a free pizza.

Total for the day: 11+1.26+38+15 + 5.99 = $71.25


And let’s total it up:

Total savings for the past week and change: $814.62

Total savings this year: $1,461.95