January 16th – 21st: A Summary of Savings

Clearly, posting every day is way too big an effort for me, so I’m combining multiple days into one.  Here’s the breakdown for January 16th through January 21st:

January 16th: Didn’t buy anything, didn’t save anything.

January 17th: I started out with a free subscription to O Magazine which was free with a coupon from Groupon. Obviously, the price of magazines vary, but I will use Amazon as the going price, so that was a savings of $18.  Next, I met some friends for dinner at Russo’s Pizzeria using a Groupon Now! voucher I got for free via coupon code, a $15 value. After, I picked up some groceries at Kroger – some splurges in organic apples, brie and havarti – normally $17.27 but free with my prescription transfer credit.

January 18th: I ordered some makeup from Sephora and found the coupon code TRY14, which gives me a bag filled with 14 samples.  Free shipping applies on any purchase over $50, so I split my order into 2 shipments and got 2 sample bags.  Not sure how much those bag are worth, but I am pretty excited about them.

January 19th: I used Groupon credit to get my aunt a free magazine subsciption, a $15 value. I also got lunch at Panera for free ($5.62) by using the gift card I applied for last year through Mastercard’s Here’s to Mom promotion. I also used that gift card along with a coupon to get a snack at McDonalds, saving $3.56. Finally, I met a friend at Red Robin where I used 2 $5 bonus cards that were free with gift card purchases last year during their holiday gift card promotion, saving me $10 on dinner.

January 20th: Did not buy much, but I saved $1.50 on a pizza delivery charge by using my Shoprunner.com account.

January 21st: I started my day by using a Bloomspot voucher at my favorite nail place and got a mani/pedi for $15 – a $40 savings. After, I used a Soap.com voucher I got for free with credit from ideeli and saved $20 on toothbrush heads.  I also ordered a birthday cake on RedEnvelope.com using a LivingSocial voucher I got for free with credit, which saved me $39.99.  Shipping was $9.99, but I signed up for a trial membership to freeshipping.com, which refunded me the $9.99 I spent on shipping. At lunch, I went to Smashburger and used the coupon found at the bottom of every receipt, where you take a survey and get a free side, saving me $2.15. Finally, I met some friends at the movies and got my ticket for free by using a Fandango voucher I got for free after deal credit on Groupon, a $11.25 savings.

Total savings for the past few days: $207.18

Total savings this year: $647.33


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