January 14th: I Saved My Receipts

Today I stopped by Banana Republic to get a price match on a dress I bought.  I never take the tags off of anything until I wear it, which paid off yet again today.  I went in to retun a dress I was on the fence about and saw that the price had gone down again, and they were having a 40% off sale sale.  By returning the dress and then buying it back at the current price, I saved $16.23.

I also went to IKEA – they were having a promotion where if you brought a friend and a receipt from 2011, you and the friend got 10% off of your purchases, which saved me $3.00.

It’s always important to save your receipts – you never know when they may come in handy.

Finally, I used a Groupon to a furniture store for $125, which did not cost me anything because I used Groupon credit to buy it, and scored a really cool pub mirror with hooks underneath that is now hanging in my entryway.

Total savings for the day: $16.23 + $3 + $125 = 144.23

Total savings this year: $438.65


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