January 2nd – TP and Shampoo for Months

I started out my day with some online shopping at drugstore.com and used my drugstore.com dollars (earned from my contact lenses haul last month) combined with free 2-day shipping from my shoprunner.com account (also free) to get 12 rolls of Cottonelle.

Next, I went to CVS to stock up on some more toilet paper and Pantene products.  I don’t need any hair stuff right now, but it is always good to add to my stockpile, and I do need more Charmin so this was not a wasted trip.   The current deal they are running is Spend $30, Get $10 back on select products.  Out of the list of products eligible, I use Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner, and Charmin Toilet Paper.

To spend $30, I bought 6 bottles of Pantene Conditioner (on sale for 3/$9.99) for $18.98, and 2 packages of Charmin toilet paper for $10.98, for a total of $30.96. Then I gave the cashier 3 coupons for $3 off 2 Pantene products, and 2 25 cent Charmin coupons, both found in this Sunday’s paper.

$30.96 – $9 – $.50 = $21.46 – $10 ECB = $11.46 final cost.

This means that in essence, I got 6 bottles of shampoo completely free.

Afterwards, I met a friend for lunch where I used a daily deal I bought from Sweet Jack, which was free because I used referral credits to buy the $20 voucher. My lunch was $17, but free with my voucher.

Total savings for the day: $19.50 (CVS) + $9.99 (Drugstore.com) + $17 (Lunch) = $46.49

Total savings this year: $48.89


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