Cash Back Websites

I’ve always been a big proponent of cash back websites like Ebates – go there before you shop online, and get a percentage of what you spend back – my next check should be about $100.  The major cash back players are:

BUT – I just found out about Evreward– a site that lets you compare the cash back amounts that you will get at each site. I ordered some stuff from Sports Authority last week and I checked Evreward beforehand.  They listed cash back amounts at Big Crumbs (2.4%), Ebates (6%), and Mr. Rebates (5%), along with a bunch of other credit card rewards comparisons, but failed to list Fat Wallet.

It also lists credit card cash back amounts, like for Citi Thank You points, ShopDiscover and all of the others.  This is a pretty useful tool that I will be using in the future.

…and an update. 

Just came accross an even better site: CashbackHolic.  Instead of Evreward’s handful of cashback sites to look through, CashbackHolic has dozens.  To be fair, some of the amounts were off (they had Bloomingdale’s cash back at Bank of America listed at 5% – the actual value was 3%) and some of the cash back sites were pretty obscure – but it just replaced Evreward as my go-to cash back info source.


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