Getting Started

For people looking to get into couponing, here is what you need to prepare:

A Coupon Binder

This is where you’re going to keep all of your coupons, organized by category.  For information about what goes into a coupon binder, click here.

Deal Email Address

Being aware of the latest and greatest deals means getting a large number of emails.  Keep them separate from your regular emails by opening another Gmail or Yahoo account, like

Deal Facebook Page

There are great deals on Facebook that come from liking a company’s page, but they usually require access to your wall.  Unless you want your wall flooded with messages about how you like wheat thins, get a separate account for your coupons.


Sales and deals can be gone in a matter of minutes.  Having a Twitter account on your smartphone and following the tweets of companies and deal sites will let you know what’s happening in real time.

Bookmarked Pages

There are a few sites you should go to every day, so bookmark them on your browser. The basic ones are Slickdeals, Free Stuff Times, and Retail Me Not.


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